Our support services help businesses and individuals use technology to keep their operations running smoothly.

For worry-free help with after-class software questions, application development issues, or common hardware or software operations, Professional Data Communications offers online email support.  Just submit a support ticket for help, fully detailing your concerns, and our support agent will respond within 24 hours.

  • After Class Support – for questions related to courseware material after attending a PDC training class
  • Application development Support – for help, questions or problems with creating a new document or existing application issues, our technical support will get you over the hump.
  • Hardware/Software (Technical ) Support – for assistance with technical computer hardware issues (PC, Laptop, printer, Wi-fi and more) or general software questions like formatting, printing, internet or cloud, large document issues etc.

Most support issues will receive an email response.  If the support requires more information or a more complex explanation, you may receive a phone reply.  For more advanced support issues, we may provide remote and/or on-site managed support services.

PDC reserves the right to reply in the most appropriate manner.  Call us at 716-882-8495 to discuss support rates and let us know how we can assist.