1.  Go to the address specified by your organization’s administrator using the preferred internet Browser. https://usertest.sciquest.com/apps/Router/Login?OrgName=SUNY&URL. (test site URL)


UTI Login screen

2.  Enter a valid Username on the login screen. Username is case sensitive. If unsure of your Username, contact your Sysdmin: __________________________________ ext. ________________________

3.  Enter a valid Password on the login screen. Passwords are case sensitive. If unsure of the password, then click the Forgot Your Password? link just below the Password field.

4.  Click the SUNY Marketplace button.The JAGGAER application displays. Once logged in, the role(s) and permissions assigned to the user, as well as an organization’s licensed JAGGAER products, will dictate what screens are visible and what functions are accessible.