eProcurement – Program Skills

Jaggaer eProcurement Program Skills

Cohort 1 – 3/13-15/18, Cohort 2 -4/3-5/18, Cohort 3 –4/24-26/18
(9:00AM – 1:00 PM)

Course Description

This hands-on course will teach students program navigation and standard features of Jaggaer’s eProcurement system. Through a series of hands-on scenarios, students will become familiar with the program interface, various menus, profiles, roles and preference options, system defaults, adding favorites, viewing history and discuss terms and definitions used within the ePro system.  Student will also learn simple shopping skills, how to search and filter results, add commonly purchased items to favorites, make frequently used accounts the default and cart skills. This skills class will provide students with an orientation to program basics in preparation for in-depth shopping skills next.

Discussion Topics:  Program interface and icons, navigation, profile, roles, preferences, favorites, defaults, shopping, searching, carts, catalogs, history, terms and definitions

Prerequisites:  Purchasing experience; using a browser, online shopping experience

Target  Audience:  Anyone with permission to use the eProcurement System and new users

09:00         Introduction and Class Agenda
09:10          Program Overview (PPT)
09:15          Session I: Program Interface and Standard Features
10:15           Session II: Profile, Role, Preferences
11:00           Break
11:10            Session III: Simple Shopping
12:30          Q&A
12:50          Wrap-up/Evals