eProcurement – Approving Purchases

Jaggaer eProcurement Approving Purchases

Cohort 1 – 3/13-15/18, Cohort 2 -4/3-5/18, Cohort 3 –4/24-26/18
(9:00AM – 1:00 PM)

Course Description

This course will teach students how to review, evaluate and approve purchases and related tasks in Jaggaer’s eProcurement system.  Using previous purchase scenarios, students will search and filter purchase requisitions to approve, become familiar with the Approvals Screen and Approval Folders, learn how to quickly approve and edit purchase requisitions, explore purchase requisition screen options, view account information and workflow status, and communicate with requisitions and shoppers.  Students also learn to use the purchase order change form, navigate the Draft Purchase Order Screen options and follow-up on the status of requisitions and purchase orders.  This class provides students with an orientation to skills needed for approving purchases and in preparation for “Go-Live” purchasing.

Discussion Topics:   Searching & Filtering PR’s, My Approvals, Approval Folders, Assigning PR’s to self, Workflow, Approving purchases, assigning to others, view or return PO’s, manual vs. system approvals

Prerequisites:  Purchasing & online shopping experience; using a browser, Program Skills and Shopping Skills (if not an approver, skip this class)

Target Audience:  Anyone with permission to use the eProcurement System and new users

09:00             Introduction and Class Agenda
09:10              Approval Overview (PPT)
09:15              Session I: Searching and Filtering PR’s for approval
10:15               Session II: Approval Folders, Assigning and Editing PR’s
11:00               Break
11:10                Session III: Approving PR’s & PO’s
12:00              Self Test Lab: Purchase through Approval Exercise
12:45              Q&A Wrap-up/Evals